1. Validity   

The terms and conditions prescribed below are between ONTHEGO TRAVEL & TOURS SDN BHD as TOUR OPERATOR (hereinafter referred to as OTG) and the online user, hereinafter referred to as THE AGENT. These  terms shall form an integral of the Online Booking Terms & Conditions of ONTHEGO Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd which is registered office is at and the operation office at 2C Jalan SG 3/5, Taman Sri Gombak 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor, Malaysia. These terms & conditions shall be in force and effective to the AGENT after the successful registration with the agent code, username & password from OTG. By signing on as the agent, visiting or using this site, the AGENT hereby agree and accept to these terms.

2. Appointment

The AGENT appoints OTG as its Tour Operator for the provision of travel intermediary services in all territories in which OTG may from time to time operate and OTG accepts such appointment. The services that may be provided by OTG to the AGENT under this terms & conditions shall include travel services and any other services as the Parties may from time to time agree.

The intermediary services that may be provided by OTG to the AGENT under this agreement shall include the request for availability, booking and confirmation of the accommodation services, transfer services, excursion services, and representative services or such other services as the Parties may from time to time agree.

3. General

The AGENT is responsible for ensuring that the General Conditions stated in this Agreement are brought to the attention of, and agreed with, their final consumers, intermediaries, and all other interested parties, prior to entering into any agreement with those parties to which these Terms and Conditions might apply.

Due to the special characteristics of the electronic commerce, the AGENT hereby acknowledges the impossibility of handwritten signature for this transaction. Therefore, the AGENT hereby accepts that there is no need for handwritten signature and the AGENT also accepts to be bound by the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of the OTG General Terms & Condition prior to reservation.

The AGENT is obliged to provide the Retail Agency or, if applicable, the final consumer, the following data:

•       What is included and not included in the price of services.

•       The regulations and consequences of a no show by the final consumer at the establishment, of regulations regarding cancellations, annulments and modifications, as well as of any possible name changes of the commercial name of the hotel plus the possible existence of stay taxes.

•       That all the users, without exception (children included) must have current personal and family documentation, either passport or National Identity Document, as required by the country or countries visited.

•       All extra services (special meals, extra beds, cots/cribs etc)

•       The AGENT is also obliged to provide a voucher for the services 

The final consumer shall be liable for obtaining the documentation required at destination, such as visas, ID’s, passport, medical documents, etc. and OTG shall not be liable for any circumstance or expense incurred due to lack of documentation or non-compliance of requirements.

That for all intents and purposes, regarding transport by land, it is understood that the user shall carry with him/her all their luggage and personal belongings, irrespective of the location within the vehicle where these are stowed, and that such luggage and personal belongings are carried at user’s own risk. Users are recommended to be present during handling, loading and unloading of luggage.

4. Descriptions, Explanations, Contents & Images On Site

All descriptions, explanations, contents and images serve as a general guidelines and information purposes only. OTG shall not be held responsible for any glitches or inaccurate information given. OTG has the right to amend, alter and change partially or fully whenever needed at any time without prior notice or consent from any parties.

5. Rates & Currencies

All rates quoted are nett and non-commissionable, inclusive of all taxes and any service charges. The online rates are applicable in 2 currencies either Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) or US Dollar (USD) depending on the Agent’s requirement on the type of rate of exchange upon signing to use the system. Other currency options in the system serve only as a guideline as OTG will not be held responsible for the inaccuracy of the conversion.

All rates stated is subject to change from time to time whenever necessary due to currency fluctuation or third party price revision. This changes will not affect all confirmed & paid bookings, however OTG reserves the right to demand for early settlement or increase to the new revised rate. None payment will result in cancellation for the said services.

6. Unauthorized Room Blocking

Blocking of rooms is strictly prohibited. The use of OTG booking engine is limited to FIT bookings and as such our database inventory is protected against any other unauthorized use. Any Group reservations must therefore be directed to OTG Group team at groups@otg.my, and is subject to the terms and conditions of group reservations.

The blocking of multiple rooms with unconfirmed names, ensuing name changes or cancellation within 45 days of arrival is prohibited, due to database inventory restraints.

Should such blocks be detected, OTG reserves the right to:

a)       Deny and cancel said bookings

b)       Change to Group booking, leading to a possible increase in rate and alternative payment terms.

c)       Charge an administrative fee for handling the block and subsequent changes.

Administrative fee:

Multiple name changes indicating that rooms have been blocked will be subject to a USD25.00 fee per modification, including each name change. The administrative fee can vary from time to time.

7. Confirmation Method

The method of confirmation for all service requirements is AUTO CANCEL for prepayment agents and AUTO CONFIRM for credit agents. All online booking by prepayment agent will have its deadline for reconfirmation. For services on Request status, OTG will revert the outcome to the agent within 48 hours or 02 working days. OTG will offer an alternative service should the requested service is not available. The system will prompt a notification to agent for bookings made within the cancellation period. This serves as a reminder that it will be at the agent’s sole responsibility on any partial / full charges imposed by the suppliers in the event of cancellation once the booking is confirmed.

The agent is responsible to ensure that payments are made for the services booked, failing which it will be auto released by the system. Reinstatement of booking will be done by the agent and additional costs incur will be borne by the agent. If the agent is granted credit facility, the services booked is auto confirm and the invoice will be sent prior to the cancellation deadline.

8. Voucher  

The AGENT is responsible to ensure that the voucher(s) is provided to its retail agency or final consumer. If the retail agency or AGENT’s consumer is not holding the voucher, OTG has to be notified prior to the utilization of the services been booked. All vouchers are generated automatically upon completion of the booking. The voucher is NULL & VOID once OTG has been notified of any cancellation after voucher issuance.

9. Invoice

The invoice is auto generated based on the PNR record & shall include the client’s name, duration, services rendered, travel date and total amount billed. No signature is required for electronic invoices.

10. Mode Of Payment Mode (Prepayment Agents)

All services must be paid by the AGENT to OTG as per the deadline stated on the confirmation before consumer arrival, unless an alternative financial arrangement has been agreed. In the event that the period of time between reservation and final consumer arrival is within the penalty cancellation period, payment shall be verified immediately at the time of reservation.

The booking request will not be confirmed by OTG and the transaction is not completed until the AGENT has paid on time the full price for the services, irrespective of whether the final consumer, intermediary or the remaining interested parts, have paid the referred price to the AGENT. Therefore, OTG will confirm the booking once full payment is made by the AGENT.

Invoices must be paid in full. No deductions by the AGENT are allowed. Any dispute regarding the invoice must be communicated in detailed form to OTG within 10 days from date of issuance. Any disagreements communicated subsequently shall not be entertained.


Credit card payment is valid in accordance with the credit card payment gateway provided. The person/card holder of the credit card must be a member of the company's employee list and must be authorized by the company’s Management to effect payments.

11. Payment Mode (Credit)

A credit facility is only granted if the AGENT puts a floating deposit or a bank guarantee (issued by an International recognized bank) to be given to ONTHEGO TRAVEL & TOURS SDN BHD. After which, a credit facility of 21 days equivalent to the deposited amount or bank guarantee will be granted to the agent respectively. The agent is responsible to settle the full outstanding sum according to the statement of account to the above bank’s details. At any point of time, this outstanding sum must not exceed the 21 days grace period or the granted credit amount, whichever comes first. It is the sole responsibility of the agent to ensure that this grace period or credit amount is not breached. Otherwise, OTG reserves the absolute right to deactivate the login ID and discontinue those unpaid confirm travel services without prior notice.

 12. Payment Amount

Payment amount received by OTG must be as per the amount stated in the invoice or statement of account. OTG reserves the right to charge any balance of short payment due to incurred bank charges. Bank charges are to be borne by the agent.

13. Cancellation Procedures

All cancellation must be made through OTG online system prior to the cancellation deadline as per the booking. Any cancelation made after reconfirmation will incur penalty charges which will be automatically reflected in the system. OTG will not entertain any request for cancellation waiver.

14. Refunds

Any refunds (if applicable) will only be credited 21 days after the cancellation is made. The refundable amount is subject to the penalty charges imposed by the respective service provider. OTG will notify the agent on the quantum prior. OTG has the right to contra the refundable amount with any of the AGENT’s future bookings. All bank charges and currency fluctuation lost to be bear by the AGENT if the amount has to be credited back to the AGENT account.

15. Amendment of Services (Within Cancellation Period)

Any amendment request must be made through OTG online system. Any amendments made after reconfirmation of service or within cancellation period is subject to amendment fee / penalty charges imposed by the service providers. An amendment is deemed to be valid only upon acknowledgment from  OTG with the total penalty incur or the sum to be refunded .Any additional amount incur must be settled prior to consumer’s arrival failing which OTG reserves the right to collect the balance from the consumer directly or only provide those services which is equivalent to the payment made earlier.

16. Amendment/Additional Services (After Travel Date)

When the AGENT’s consumers are travelling, the AGENT’s written instruction must be obtained by OTG for any amendments requested by the consumers when it incurs additional charges. Otherwise, OTG will collect monies directly from the consumer for any services accorded in excess of the original/final booking confirmed before the travel date.

17. Mode of Communications

All correspondences and communications with regards to reservation, booking, cancellation, amendment etc. between the AGENT and OTG shall be made via OTG Online System only. In the event that there is a breakdown in the communication channel, party concerned must inform the other party of the change in the mode of communication before commencing the new mode of communication.

18. Change in Terms & Conditions

OTG reserves the right to change its terms and conditions with or without notice as a result of circumstances beyond OTG’s control or if found to be in the best interests of all concerned.

19. Termination

If the AGENT commits any material breach of its obligations under this terms & conditions, OTG reserves its right to terminate agent access login at any time without prior written notice to the  AGENT.

20. Law & Jurisdiction

The application and interpretation of this contract agreement shall be governed by current and applicable Malaysian Legislation. In the event of any discrepancy which may arise from the interpretation or execution of these terms and conditions, the parties, with express waiver of any other court of jurisdiction which might apply, if any, shall abide by the Jurisdiction and Competence of the Courts of Malaysia

21. Online Terms & Condition-FIT & General Terms & Condition

The contents stipulated in this Online Terms & Conditions shall form an integral part of OTG General Terms & Conditions.

Notwithstanding the above, any terms NOT mentioned in this terms & conditions, the term mentioned in the General Terms & Conditions shall be in force. Likewise, specific terms mentioned in this terms & conditions would supersede the similar sections/subsections mentioned in the general terms & conditions.

We the AGENT hereby have read, understood, agreed and accepted the contents of the above terms & conditions. We also understand that the above shall form an integral part of the General Terms and Conditions of OntheGo Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd